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It’s the last week of January.  How’s your New Year’s resolution going?

We create New Years Resolutions because we want to change.  When they fail, we feel like WE’VE failed.  But the truth is that change is more complicated than that, and a setting New Year’s resolutions are actually a sign we are ready to change.

In today’s show, I talk about the seven stages of change.  It turns out YOU may be JUST GETTING STARTED!

That’s right….you don’t just decide you are going to change something in your life and it magically happens (wouldn’t that be nice).  There are actually seven stages to the process that you have to work through.

One of the stages is called the Preparation Stage.  This is where you start making small changes.  You believe that changing will make your life better.  Taking small steps lets you start feeling how the change will make your life different, better. Small changes are far easier to sustain than huge sweeping changes.

Sounds like a New Year’s Resolution.

Chances are good that as you work your way through the seven stages, there will be lots of starts and stops, lots of adjustments and lots of regrouping and trying something new.  Turns out its all part of the process.

Check out this week’s show to hear about the other 6 stages and to get a little inspiration.

You may not be feeling great about the status of your New Year’s resolution, but you could actually be in exactly the place you need to be!

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So check out this week’s show and feel good about where you are and what you’re doing!  I PROMISE you aren’t alone!

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 If you have a story you’d like to share, please add them in the comments below. Don’t be shy. Chances are about 100% that whatever you are doing, whatever challenge you face, someone else is in the same shoes. Your story may help them and make them feel no so quite alone.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging everybody else in this community. You make a difference!

Have a wonderful week!


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