In 2016 my husband Tom was training for an Ironman race.  At 49 he was in the best shape of his life….and then he had a really bad accident.  He was out of work for 6 months with no pay.   For most families that would spell financial disaster.

Could you survive six months without any (or significantly less) money coming in?  This isn’t just a question for families living pay check to pay check.  If you’re like most people, the more you make, the more you spend.

In today’s show I’ll share my story and how we managed our way through the crisis.  As you probably expect, I’m going to be talking about emergency funds. We’ll cover everything from how much you need to have set aside, the peace you have knowing it’s there, the anger (yup…the anger) you feel that it’s money sitting on the sidelines, and how to get started setting one up.

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