Social security is going to make up a significant piece of your retirement income.  Do you know how it works? 

Are you afraid that what you don’t know is going to hurt you?

This week I’m super excited to have Marcia Mantell join me.  Marcia has spent the last 30 years teaching retirement planners how retirement and social security work.   She has a new book out called “What’s the Deal With Women and Social Security?”

Today’s she’s going to talk to us about what women specifically need to know about social security to have successful retirements.

Here are a few of the topics we cover: 

  • How can stay at home moms collect social security based on what their husbands earns.
  • What’s the difference between retirement and social security (HINT: They aren’t the same thing).
  • What happens if you decide to start taking social security at 62 versus 67 (HINT: You’re leaving boku dollars on the table).
  • How your husband’s decision to take social security will affect you.
  • What happens if your husband dies and you still have children under 18.
  • Why the funeral director will become an important player in your future.
  • What happens if you’re the breadwinner and your husband is a stay at home dad.
  • Why your ex-husband may become your new best friend.

Beyond what we talk about on the show, Marcia’s book is a MUST read.  She has a light, easy to read style that makes the topics easy to absorb.

Best of all, most of the book is in a story style.  If you’re a younger woman, married to an older man, and you both make the same money, there’s a chapter just for you.  If you’re an older woman, divorced and living with your significant other, there’s another chapter for you.

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