Do you need to manage your money better but you feel like the whole thing is overwhelming and too hard? 

Today I’m going to show you how a bunch of small, like REALLY small, manageable changes can turn into big changes when it comes to your money.

Managing your money is a whole lot like dieting.  Food and money are two things you have to deal with every day.  All the food analogies we know work really well for money too.

Both food and money have the power to make you feel confident, beautiful and successful. 

But if you aren’t feeling good about your food or your money, and you want to change, you may be tempted to go for a BIG change all at once.  Big change is very hard to sustain over the long term.

So what would happen if you focused on a series of little change?  In this week’s show I tell you about the 1% rule for change, and I’ll show you how a lot of little change can add up to big, life changing, changes.

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