You’re frustrated with your money and you want to create some better money habits.

What’s stopping you? 

In this week’s show I’m going to run through the eight things that may be stopping you and I’m going to tell you how to turn them around so you can start doing the things you need to be doing to make yourself financially successful.

Let’s start by talking about what makes us change. 

Change doesn’t happen until you’re in enough pain with your current situation to say I can’t take it anymore.  Studies show that 95% of us will actively change because we are in pain. 

We need to be in pain.  That pain usually builds over time until we get to hit a point or have an event that takes it over the edge. 

For many of you that’s this time of year.  The holidays and money do NOT go hand in hand.  We spend too much.  We kick ourselves about what we spent,  which we may have spent on crap, we and the people we are buying for don’t really need.  And then we get the bills in January and we feel the remorse and guilt and anger that we had no control.

At the same time, we have New Year’s with all the resolutions that go with it.  So, you resolve to change the way you manage your money in the new year. Sound familiar?

On a scale of 1-10 where are you today when it comes to pain and your money?  If you’re at an  eight or better you’re ready for some changes.

So.  You have this pain.  You know you want or need to change.  And yet….you don’t.

Why is that?  Check out this week’s show and find out which of the eight are holding YOU back.

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