In last week’s show I talked about the eight things that may be stopping you from getting your money moving in the right direction.  It only seemed right to make this week’s show about eight ways you can jump start your journey to financial success. 

I don’t want anything holding you back!

Here’s a quick snapshot of what I cover:

  1. Do what you can – don’t worry about doing it all, just get started with the pieces you know you can achieve.
  2. Announce your intent – let the world know what you plan on working on and ask for accountability
  3. Join a program – they give you structure, community and accountability
  4. Measure your progress – it will help you keep perspective on where you’ve been and where you are going.
  5. Make sure to celebrate your victories – both the small ones and large ones. Everybody loves a reward!
  6. Don’t make the day to day numbers your goal – there’s too much fluidity in your day to day numbers so focus on slightly longer term goals
  7. If you lose momentum, don’t give up – get back on the horse, try something new, take a do over.
  8. Let go of the things you don’t have control over – don’t let the unexpected situations (which WILL happen) sabotage your bigger effort.

There are three things you need for success – structure, support and celebrating success. 

Just get started…..the momentum will follow!!!!

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