We know we’re supposed to manage our money.  More than that, we all want to be financially successful.

Sounds good right?  But what does that mean?   How do we define financial success?  How do we know when we arrive?

As I get ready to open doors to FAST Money Management Program in January, people are reaching out for information.   

The same questions keep popping up.   “I don’t know if I’m okay financially, and  I’m not even sure what okay means.  And I don’t know what to do to get there.  I just know I can’t keep going the way I have been.”

How do we define financial success?   Is it a number or something else?   

What do we do when we get there?  Do we just arrive or is it a never-ending process?

This week I break down my definition of financial success. 

I think financial success is creating a comfortable life for ourselves, no matter how we define that, and having enough money to fund it.

So my definition includes two pieces

            – Define a comfortable life

            – Identify money to fund it

This means everyone’s definitions are going to be a little different. And that’s okay. 

I know I’m financially successful.  That means I know

  • what is comfortable in my life. (my housing, spending, car, gift giving, and how I spend my time)
  • what the plan to fund it for the rest of my life looks like
  • I live in peace with my money
  • I know when to say no and when to say yes
  • When something unexpected comes up I know how to pivot
  • I don’t think about money very often

I want this same kind of life for you too.

This week’s show dives into the two pieces in way more detail.

Next week I’m going to talk about the steps you’ll want to take in 2020 to get yourself on the path to YOUR financial success.  In the meantime, make sure you download the free worksheet. 


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