I made a guest appearance on the Jeannine Hunt Experience TV show!

If you’d told me two years ago that I’d be on TV you’d have been picking me up off the floor after I laughed my way off my chair.  Me?  On TV?

Well this week….it happened!  

Starting Real Family Finance has been an adventure and an amazing opportunity to create some good in this world.  I’m grateful for the opportunity and I’m grateful for all of you who support me by showing up every week to watch and listen.

I truly believe that EVERY woman deserves to be financially secure and confident that she knows how to make the right financial decisions for herself.

What I teach isn’t hard. It’s doable. It’s sustainable.

Truthfully, the individual pieces you need aren’t hard to learn or use.  It’s knowing how to put them together that’s the trick.  

It was fun to share my story with all of you in this episode. 

Jeannine was an amazing and gracious host.  Her personal goal is to empower women and girls to be stronger and more confident.   It was cool to fall into that category!

Please check out the show.  I talk about how Real Family Finance got started, the 5 key pieces to building a financial foundation and how to use my 1% rule to start making changes with the money in your life.


You can catch more shows from Jeannine here: http://bit.ly/38sMRXX


Information about my program the FAST Money Management Program 

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Tired of the way the money in your life makes you feel?  Why do we feel like we are supposed to know how to manage money when it’s not something we are taught when we are growing up?  No worries…I’ve got you covered.

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