Got Student Loans?

Feel like they’re overwhelming and they’ll never go away?

Have you had to put parts of your life on hold because of the financial commitment you face in paying them off?

Are the balances going up instead of down?

Then this week’s show is for you!

Ten years ago, my guest, Robert Farrington, graduated from college with $43,000 in debt.  Rather than sit back and pay the equivalent of a mortgage for the next then years, Robert immersed himself in the ins and outs of the college loan markets  and has emerged as one of the leading experts in college debt.

Robert is the founder of The College Investor, where he teaches people about college debt and investing for beginners;  and LoanBuddy, a DIY and consulting site that will step you through evaluating and refi-ing your student loans.

He also has a VERY active forum where you can explore all things College Debt.   It includes both subjects for students AND their parents.

In today’s show, Robert shares his strategies for making sure you are minimizing the amount you end up paying back.  There are 150 loan options out there.  You need to make sure you have the best one for your life.

We talk about how to get started….Hint: Get organized!

We talk about fitting your payments into a reasonable budget…Hint: Know your numbers!

He also shares a ton of info on the various forgiveness programs available.  Do you work for a non profit, school or a medical provider?  You may qualify.  You don’t need to be an expert.  You can be the door man, and if you are an employee,  you can quality. 

What’s your strategy if you lose your job or can’t work for some period of time?

What are income based payment plans?

If you have college debt this show is for you! 

If you know someone who is struggling under their debt.  please share this….you may change their lives


Robert Farrington’s website The College Investor  

Free book – The Definitive Guide to Student Loan Debt by Robert Farrington 

Robert’s FREE class “How to Get Out of Student Loan Debt”

Robert’s Consulting Services Loan Buddy 

Robert’s YouTube channel 

Roberts Forum for College Debt for Students and their parents 





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