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How can you get a small busness loan under the EIDL and PPP Loan Programs?

The information you need is finally here!!!!

 Have you hesitated about applying because you weren’t really sure how these programs will work?

 Did you apply but now you’re nervous you don’t know what you signed up for?

 This is your in-depth analysis of the FREE money and loan programs available to the self employed and small businesses during COVID

 This week I cover:

  • the details of each program
  • how much money can you expect to get
  • how to apply
  • what is free versus a loan
  • which option is right for you
  • how to get started

 I also cover the facts versus rumors and I run through several scenarios you may find yourself in with detailed recommendations for what you should do to make the most of these programs.

Don’t forget to download the cheat sheet that lays out all the details and compares the programs!


Watch the Video

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Have a wonderful week!


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CHEAT SHEET – Details of COVID Loan Programs

Last week’s show – How independent contractors can collect unemployment

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