Hi!  I’m Linda

I’m a finance coach and all-around number nerd with an unwavering belief that we all deserve to be financially secure.  I want to inspire you to be stronger, more confident, and at peace with your money.

I’m really proud of what we are doing here, at Real Family Finance.  Everything I’ve created is about teaching you what you need to know about money.

Don’t know where to start?  I’ve got you.

Been trying all kinds of things that just aren’t working?  I’ll show you how to get on track.

Been working your finances for awhile but would like some affirmation you are on track?  I’ll shout your success from the roof tops (only if you want me to).

You will find online training programs, videos, and podcasts.  They’ll help you not only understand your money, but they’ll show you how to dream big and put together an action plan that’s realistic and achievable.

“Feed a woman a salad, she has dinner. Show her how to build a garden, she eats forever”

Why did I start Real Family Finance? It all started when a friend asked me for help…

Before Real Family Finance, I had a consulting business where I helped small businesses get their shit together and learn how to manage their money.  And I was really, really good at it.  My clients grew.  They prospered.  They learned how to create long term financial plans they could actually achieve (my tag line was “practical advice you can use”), and they got sold for millions of dollars.

And then a friend asked me if I did for people what I did for my clients?   She told me that when it came to her finances, she had NO IDEA what she was doing.

So I sat down with her and showed her what she needed to know.  After only 2 hours, she understood how she needed to think about money and what she needed to do next.

Well, the word was out.  More friends, friends of friends and family asked for help.  And you know what? 95% of them where WOMEN.  So I did a little research. And you know what I found? 

90% of women are going to have to take care of themselves financially as some point in their life, usually after they are 65 (sorry guys….chances are good your lady is going to outlive you) and only 12% felt like they knew what they were doing.

Well, I have a reputation being a fighter for causes I believe in.  There was no way I was going to let 90% of the women I know (and their daughters and sisters and mothers) fail financially.  And so Real Family Finance was born.

I committed to teaching women how to take care of themselves financially.

I created a program based on experience and years of practice.

I wasn’t always good with money.  Lord no.  Back in my twenties, I got divorced and I got the kid, the house and the huge credit card bills that I couldn’t seem to make go away.

Ironically, I was an accountant, managing millions of dollars.  But when it came to my money?  Nada.  I had the best excuses.  You know the ones.

  • There was plenty of time to figure it out… next year maybe.
  • I did numbers all day long, so I didn’t feel like doing more of them when I got home.
  • I only had so much money coming in, and it went right back out, so there was nothing left to plan with.

The truth was, I was terrified to look at it because what if I wasn’t okay?  And I wasn’t exactly sure what ‘okay’ meant.

Fast forward a few years. I was living the same story. Bigger numbers, better house, same old excuses.

Then my son Chris came home from middle school and announced he was going to go to college.  BAM. Reality check.  You see, I had no money saved for him to go to college.  Right behind that thought came the realization that at 37, not only did I not have money saved for his college in 6 years, I had no money saved for retirement either. (turns out there’s an end to ‘plenty of time to figure it out’).

That was my turning point.

I threw myself into learning all things personal finance.  I took classes.  I bought just about every book available (still buying them!).  I watched DVDs (it was before YouTube).  I took the financial planning I was doing at work and applied the same concepts and principles to my own money.

And I figured out how to put all the pieces together.  Because it turns out, that’s the secret.  You have to make all the pieces, Budgeting, Debt Management, Saving, Investing and Retirement, work together.  You need all of them, all the time.

Chris graduated 10 years later.  Debt free.

I’m going to be able to retire before I’m 62 and not worry about money… EVER.  (Though retirement may never happen because if I’m on a roll and helping people, I’ll keep on going.)

My program works, and its’ working for my students.

What do I want YOUR financial life to look like?

Imagine being excited to get the mail because you know there’s a postcard from your sister who’s vacationing in Paris.  The bills don’t scare you.

Imagine getting to retirement and being able to actually retire because you have enough money to last the rest of your life.

Imagine not fighting about money with your spouse or partner.

Imagine hiring a financial planner, giving her your money, and having the confidence to tell her exactly what you expect her to do with it, then sitting back and watching your money grow.

Imagine being confident you can buy that new house (car, vacation, fur coat…whatever you dream about), knowing you can totally afford it, while still hitting all the other financial goals you set.

Imagine being able to teach your kids how money works so they never have to feel about money the way you do right now.

I want you to have all of that, and so much more!

I still believe in giving practical advice you can use.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about learning things then telling everyone around me all about them  so they’ll know too.   Sharing is caring!

When I sat with my first friend and taught her about money, there came a moment when the light came on.  When her brain connected the dots and lit up.  It was what I call her Big O (‘Ohhh….is that how it works!’), moment.

And I was hooked.  There is nothing more satisfying to me then being part of that moment.  Don’t understand the way I explained it the first time?  No problem.  Let’s try a different angle.   I’ll be right there with you until you get it.

The accountant in me is also very methodical.  I’m a step by step kind of girl.  That’s how I teach, and that’s how I share everything I’ve learned about personal finance.  I’ll teach you the concepts, but that’s not enough.  I’ll show you where to find your numbers and what to actually do with them.

Have I piqued your interest?


We need a place to get you started.

Your understanding of money today is not the same as your neighbor, your sister or your best friend.  I find it helps to get a baseline across the 5 elements (Budgeting, Debt Management, Saving, Investing and Retirement) of where you are comfortable and where you aren’t.

So I created a quick and easy quiz called What’s Your Money Personality.  Yes.  I made it fun.  Money doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring.  Might as well start with fun.  So take the quiz. Find out what your money personality is, and I’ll give you some resources to get started. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to hear my story.

I’m here to help and I look forward to being there when you have your Big O (“ohhh…that’s how it works!”) moment!



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