here's how our affiliate program works

We believe that affiliates are an important part of reaching the people who need to learn about personal finance.  Our goal is to create a program that supports and compensates our affiliates the best possible way.

We use to host our classes and manage our affiliate program.

Below are the details on how our program works.   If you have questions or need help, please reach out to us at

Thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Program!

Getting Started
  1. Submit an application
  2. Your application is reviewed and approved
  3. We set up your affiliate account in
  4. You are ready to sell and make!
Commission Rate

Our commission rate is 25%.

All sales and commissions are calculated in US Dollars.

You will earn commission on any courses your referral purchases from out Teachable school.

Payments are processed and paid by Teachable.  They are made each month before the 15th of the month based on commissions earned in the prior month.

Commissions are officially earned as soon as a student pays us and the 30 money back day guarantee has expired.  If a student pays is on a payment plan, the commission is earned as the payments are received.

Marketing Support
We provide graphics for FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

We will do a live virtual event (FaceBook live or webinar) with you to launch the program.

Ongoing live events are availble upon request and depending on avialibity of our team.

You will receive monthly emails highlighting affiliate progress, student success stories, and access to content we may create to help with your conversions.

Cookies and Affiliate Codes
Cookies are good for 90 days.

You will find your affiliate code on your Affiliate Dashboard in Teachable.

Teachable allows you to create a url with your cookie for any page you want to direct your users to.  On your dashboard, there is an external link generator.  If you enter the url of the page you want to direct customers to, then hit the “generate” button,  the system will create a link, with your cookie embedded, that you can use to send your users.

Teachable has an FAQ article that you can review for more info on creating affiliate codes.  There’s also lots of other great info in it about being an affiliate on the teachable platform.

Click HERE for the Teachable FAQ

One of the reasons we chose Teachable as our course platform was because of their robust Affiliate support.

On your affiliate dashboard, you always have access to reporting.  You can see your sales, commission, etc, both current and historical.

Tax Reporting

For tax purposes you are an independent contractor, because the funds are paid by the student to Teachable, and then Teachable pays you.

This means that, as is the case with all independent contractors, you will be issued a 1099 if your earnings exceed $500. Teachable will request a W9 from you and that information will be used to send your 1099. This only applies if you are a U.S. person (a term inclusive of citizens, resident aliens, and qualifying entities).

If you don’t meet the $500 threshold, simply report your earnings as miscellaneous self-employment income when you file your taxes.

If you are a foreign person, you will be required to submit Form W-8BEN or Form W-8BEN-E.

Other Supporting Documents

Don’t forget to read the following policies.  We want to make sure you have as much information as possible.

Got Questions?

Shoot me an email at and I’ll get you an answer.

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