What do you need to know about money?

#026 – My interview on the Jeannine Hunt Experience

Watch the VideoListen to the PodcastI made a guest appearance on the Jeannine Hunt Experience TV show! If you’d told me two years ago that I’d be on TV you’d have been picking me up off the floor after I laughed my way off my chair.  Me?  On TV? Well this week….it...

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#023 – How do You Define Financial Success?

Watch the VideoListen to the Podcast  We all want to be financially successful, right? Sounds good right?  But what does that mean?   How do we define financial success?  How do we know when we arrive? As I get ready to open doors to FAST Money Management Program...

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#022 – The Year Without a Santa Claus

Watch the VideoListen to the PodcastThe holidays are officially here and they bring all the stress and pressure that comes with the season. Are you struggling with the holidays, how to get everything done, how to pay for it, how to not implode and how to still love...

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#020 – 8 Reasons you aren’t creating better money habits

Watch the VideoListen to the PodcastYou’re frustrated with your money and you want to create some better money habits. In this week’s show I’m going to run through the eight things that may be stopping you and I’m going to tell you how to turn them around so you can...

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#019 What I’d Do Differently If I Had to Pay Off Debt Today

Watch the VideoListen to the PodcastIs your debt one of your money pain points? When I first started to learn how to manage my money, the FIRST goal I set was to pay off my debt.  It turned into a four year process and I learned a lot along the way.  When I was in my...

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#018 How to Manage Your Money Better Using the 1% Rule

Watch the VideoListen to the PodcastDo you need to manage your money better but you feel like the whole thing is overwhelming and too hard?  How many times have you said "I'm not spending anything this month except what I absolutely have to so I can save some money,"...

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#016: When a Family Crisis Turns Into Financial Disaster

Watch the VideoListen to the PodcastWhat happens when you have an unexpected family crisis?  Does it spell financial disaster as well? In 2016 my husband Tom was training for an Ironman race.  At 49 he was in the best shape of his life….and then he had a really bad...

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#015: Believe in Yourself – Your Money Will Follow

Watch the VideoListen to the PodcastWhen you believe in yourself, and let go of the stories from the past that are no longer serving you, you will open yourself to finanical success. Is your money your kryptonite? Do you believe in yourself when it comes to money or...

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