The Holiday season is here!  Yeah!  Who doesn’t love a present or three?

If you are like me, setting (and sticking to) a budget for the holidays is always a challenge.  I regularly do my shopping, wrap my gifts, then decide the pile isn’t big enough and head back out for more.

Oh….and there is the shopping for me that happens when I’m out buying gifts for everybody I love.  I never have time to shop so it’s fun to find a few treasures.

The budget challenge rears its ugly head after the holidays when I look at my bank account and my credit cards.   I can honestly say its never a good moment.

This year I’m going to bring all my budgeting skills to my Holiday shopping.  I’m going to have a plan and I’m going to keep track of how I’m doing.

And because I’m a number nerd, I made a Holiday Budget Worksheet which I’m sharing with you.   Here’s all you have to do.  Download the worksheet from my google drive.  CLICK HERE

  1. Set a budget
  2. Create your plan to spend it
  3. Track your spending as you go
  4. See whether you are an “Excellent” elf or a “Bad Santa.”

Boom!  Let’s make this the year your holiday was under control… you!

I’ll be checking in after the holiday! 

You got this!


PS I suggest you have an envelope that you throw all your receipts in.  It will make it easier to update your worksheet and if you have returns, they will all be in one place.    Get the worksheet by CLICKING HERE!