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You work hard for your money.  You deserve to have it work hard for you.

You also deserve to have an amazing retirement where you can do what you want, live where you want and never worry about running out of money.

Your 401(k) is your BEST tool to build the kind of wealth you will need to fund that kind of retirement.

Do you have a 401(k)?   Do any of these sound familiar?

Are you are contributing to a 401(k), and you’d like to understand how it works and how to maximize it, so you can get as wealthy as possible before you retire?

Have you held off from signing up for your 401(k) at work because you aren’t sure HOW it works?

Did you leave a job where you had a 401(k), and you’re not sure what you are supposed to do with it now that you no longer work there?

I’ve got you covered.  This week I cover the 5 fundamental pieces of a 401(k) plan, how the whole process works, and how it will make you a ton of money for your retirement.

Check out this week’s show!

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There is so much power in your 401(k).  Between the automated savings, company match (FREE MONEY!) and access to investing options that have been selected by a professional financial advisor, participating is really a no-brainer (to quote Mark Cuban).

Are you ready to accept the challenge?  If you are not participating today, will you get yourself signed up?  If you are participating, will you take a look at your plan and make sure you are contributing as much as you can (and hopefully get lots of FREE company match money)?  If you are in, make sure you go to the comments and write “I’M IN!”

If you have questions, please ask me in the comments below. Don’t be shy. Chances are about 100% that whatever you are doing, whatever challenge you face, someone else is in the same shoes. Your story may help them and make them feel no so quite alone.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging everybody else in this community. You make a difference!


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