Is Small Business Coaching For You?

Let me guess.

You’ve built a business with your amazing product or service.  But you’re waking up at night worried about the financial side of that business.

  • You don’t know what to do.
  • You don’t feel organized or in control.
  • The business is making money but you never seem to have any.
  • You’ve invested a ton of time and money and you have no idea how to get it back out.
  • You’re thinking of selling the business but you don’t know how to do that.
  • You’re tired of feeling like this and just want someone to tell you what you need to do.

I can help you change all of that

Start with a Getting Started Session!

Small business coaching is for women that want a fast track to financial success.

What you’ll get from a Getting Started Session

  • A snapshot of your company’s financial health…yes…you’ll know if you’re ‘okay’ or not.
  • Organization strategies for managing your money without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.
  • A solid plan for managing your money: spending with purpose, paying off debt, and saving strategies.
  • Strategies for managing your budget so you can feel confident in your spending…I’ll show you how to create a working budget that makes YOU feel in charge.
  • A plan for your exit…. what you should expect when you decide you want out.

If you want all these things, and you want someone to walk through the process with you, you’re ready for the Getting Started Session.

Schedule a FREE 30 Discovery call with Linda and find out if this is the place for YOU to get started.

The Real Family Finance Process

Step 1 – Get organized and get insight about where you are today

Book a Getting Started Session and maybe for the very first time you’ll see where you stand financially.  What’s working?  What’s not?  This is your starting point.  From here we can figure out what you need to change to reach all your goals.

Step 2 – Create a practical plan you can confidently achieve

In this step you create a practical plan that fits your lifestyle and goals.   Create your milestones and timelines. Decide what strategies you will use to get where you want to be. Gain confidence in your decision making abilities.

Step 2 – Take action and make your plan happen!

With your new confidence that you know where you are and where you are going, you will be excited to get started.  Tackle the steps on your own or you can choose to continue to work with me for accountability, guidance and support.

Schedule You’re Getting Started Session

Business Owners

One 2.5-hour session – $597

If you’ve been thinking, I need to get my money in order and I just want someone to tell me what to do, this session is for you.  I’ll explain what you need to be thinking about.  I’ll show you how to organize your financial statements so they make it easy to manage your business.  We’ll talk about your dreams and goals and how you can make them happen.

Are you ready to schedule your session and get started?

Why Linda?

I’ve spent over 30 years as an accountant and Chief Fianncial Officer, working with small businesses that had amazing products and services but that didn’t understand the financial side of their lives.

I taught them how:

  • to get organized
  • to create practical budgets and business plans that people could understand and implement
  • to integrate the financial side of the business with all the other pieces of the business to create balance and harmony

And I made a lot of people a LOT of money along the way.

Over the years, I realized I really, really liked the process of teaching people how money works.  There is huge satisfaction in seeing them not only getting control of their money but reaching goals and exceeding their expectations for themselves.

And for me, its personal.   

You see, once upon a time, I was a successful women who was not taking care of myself financially.  I know what it feels like to have that fear, that worry that I may not be okay.   I was lucky.  I had a background that helped me figure it out.

Today, every woman I help makes me grateful that I have the knowledge and expertise to help another successful woman find peace with her money and confidence that she knows what she needs to do.

How does one-on-one coaching work?

Step 1

30 minute FREE Discovery Call with Linda

We do a 30 minute FREE consultation on Zoom.   We’ll talk about what’s going on in your business and what you’d like to accomplish.  You may even just say “Linda, I don’t know where to start.”

By the end of the call, we will decide if we are a good fit to work together.  Then you move to step 2.

Step 2

Getting Started Session

This program is a two and half hour live, one-one-one coaching session with me.

Before the session, I will send you a list of documents and information for you to pull together and send to me so I can learn about you and your business.   Don’t worry…. it will all be things you have. If you get stuck, I’m just a phone call away.

During the session I will show you what’s going on financially with your business.  We’ll discuss your goals and determine if you are on track.  If not, we’ll figure out what has to happen to get you there.

At the end of the session, you’ll be 100% more confident in your money managing skills. You’ll also have a clear plan on what you need to do next to continue your journey.

Step 3

Executing on your plan

You will have the option to execute on all your next steps on your own or if you’d rather, you can continue financial coaching under one of my ongoing coaching programs.

Your choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not smart enough to figure this out?

You are amazing.  You’re smart. You’re successful.

Heck you started a business!!!!

Nothing I’m going to teach you is going to overwhelm you.   I promise.  What I hear over and over again is women saying, “oh….is THAT how it works.”

I’m going to be right there, with you every step of the way.  We will go as fast or as slow as you need to get through the material.

Can I afford this?

Can you afford NOT to figure this out?  The financial side of your business isn’t going to go away.  You’ll be dealing with it as long as you are in business.  Imagine a life where it doesn’t stress you out anymore.

Every one of my students has found ‘lost’ money through the process. That’s money that slips away (for many reasons) that we are able to pull back into your business and turn into money for your future.

You invest in other parts of your business like marketing, sales, and advertising.  Investing in your financial education will be one of THE best investments you ever make.

Not only will you end up with MORE money when we are done, you will have found peace and confidence with your money that is priceless.

This is also a tax deductable expense.





I'm scared to start

I hear you!  

You’re scared you wont like the answers.

You’re scared it will be too hard.

You’re scared it wont be fixable.

These are the reasons why one on one coaching is so valuable.  You don’t have to do it alone.  You will have a coach to show you what to do and validate your feelings.

I'm afraid to commit to a six month program.

Committment can be hard, but it can also be the game changer.

Let’s face it.  When it comes to money, there are quite a few moving parts.   So it’s going to take time to get through all the material.

I like to compare it to a semester of college.   At the end of six month, you will have a whole new skill set. 

Committing to the program and getting the accountability to stay the course will help you be successful.

I'm wicked unorganized and I'm not sure I have everything you'll want to see

No worries.  The system and process I teach will help you sort through all the documents and paperwork you need to get on track.

We do it together. One step at a time.  The beauty of one on one coaching is that you can do it at your own pace so you never need to be overwhelmed. 

I'm embarrassed that you will see what a disaster my money is

I promise…. you won’t be showing me anything I’ve never seen before.  Frankly, I see it ALL the time.

Let’s be real here.  We were NEVER taught how to manage money when we were growing up.  Yet, we beat ourselves up all the time because we don’t know what to do.   

Not here.

This is a judgement free zone.  Your money may not be where you want it to be, but that doesn’t make YOU a disaster.

Together, we will sort it out, figure out what you need to know, and create a plan that will have you on course and confident in no time. 

I don't know if I'm ready.

Change is hard. 

You may not feel ready, but this is one time in life I would strongly encourage you to fake it until you make it. 

Your money is not going to go away.  You are going to have to manage it for the life of your business.  The sooner you get is sorted out and put some structure around it, the better off you are going to be in your golden years. 

It’s way too easy to put this off indefinately.  

You can do this.  You can do it today.  Schedule a call and let’s talk!


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Small changes equal big changes over time!